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September 13 2012

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It's obvious that Nylon pink is definitely a fantastic band. They've were able to capture the hearts of many with their unique urban style. Their type of music can be a combination of hard electronic edge and urban pop. What is more, the instrumentals are flawless. This is the sort of music that you would tune in to probably as an alternative compared to that morning mug of coffee that keeps you going the entire day. The vitality is surprisingly astounding.

To let you know the truth, still has the original 2NE1 “I am the Best” feel yet a small edgy twist that is somewhat difficult to describe in words. You should it easily connects with all the fans. Considering the fact that it is an English form of the first this provides the chance to get a greater audience thus improving the popularity of the song as well as the band.

Furthermore, the timing is just right since the band is placed release a their first single titled “Heart Attack”. The title itself creates an aura of suspense as fans can’t wait to determine what is available for the kids. Alternatively, 2NE1 who originally performed “I am the best” is planning to broaden the scope of the music to incorporate the American market. In fact, they are currently recording with a quantity of American musicians. It’s a win-win for bands.

When you hear the song, the drum beats really stick out and also the video portrays a fresh urban look sign of this century’s typical bad girl. The band’s kind of music may seem tied to a specific generation but the underlying facts are that it’s quite versatile. People spanning various ages will definitely appreciate the effort placed into heightening the musical component of the hit track.

The song starts being a fresh and sensual blend of instruments. Once the vocals activate, it’s just pure energy from then onwards. Certainly the sort of music that interests the dynamic tastes of several. Despite varying modifications in the worldwide preferences for music, this cover by Nylon Pink still is able to stick out.

This rock band is headed out for any second tour of america at the conclusion of the entire year and another tour to Japan in March. Their cover of “I am the best” by 2NE1 is a real wonderful accessory their music portfolio and a welcome addition towards steering their career into success.

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